Your Coach Kevin Kepple

Kevin is a 2x best selling author, top-ranked podcast host and he has helped hundreds of business owners & executives at companies like Bobcat, Chik-fil-A, Mary Kay and summit the 3 Peaks so that they truly unlock their freedom. And when He's not helping leaders maximize their impact and abundance you can probably find him in the mountains loving life.


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What Does Leadership Mean to You?

This message is for small business owners who want a proven and measurable way to maximize their leadership teams’ impact, who value creativity & innovation but struggle with ‘getting it all done’ while motivating their leaders.

We can all agree we would love to have… a proven and measurable way to maximize our leadership teams’ impact and happiness without burning ourselves out along the way

Despite the barriers we all know exist, our experience working with other clients like you shows the real problem is… most small business owners get frustrated by ineffective leadership but in reality they don’t have the time or energy to effectively develop their leaders.

 Yet we believe that (and our hundreds of happy clients would agree) helping leaders learn to ‘own their genius’ is much more powerful and effective when it comes to high performance and impact of leadership.

That’s why our answer to maximizing your leadership teams impact and happiness, we need to help your leaders’ unlock their genius.


🏔️ Peak Potential – Building a deep understanding of your strengths and what you do to create resistance to these…this is where you find your natural genius

🏔️ Peak Performance – Operating from your genius allows you to set the stage for FLOW on demand. This is where you create peak experiences, bring the best of you into everything you do, and feel unlimited.

 🏔️ Peak Leadership – Growth & giving, that’s what it’s all about. At your peak you can serve at the highest levels. This peak is about mastering the skill of influence so you can easily capture the attention of others and inspire to act on your ideas.

 Not only does this maximize your leadership teams’ impact, we find our clients are also… more productive, motivated and more innovative than ever.

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