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Build Your Legacy Inside
The Heroes Collective

Unlock your freedom and step into your highest self in this 12-Week Mastermind for Successful Leaders.

Overstressed, stuck and feeling burned out?

You're already a successful leader, but you know you can be so much more.
Business man burned out from work

Align with your natural genius so
you can quit the chaos and start
making the impact you truly want.

Man pushing huge rock

Clear the blocks that are, slowing you down, standing in the way, and stopping you from moving forward.

  • Find community
  • Align with your purpose
  • Tap into your genius
  • Take inspired action
  • Build a legacy of positive impact

Build Your Legacy

You're already a successful leader, but you know you can be so much more.
Maximize your creativity to overcome challenges and create your best work.
Convert your new connectedness and creativity into the freedom, wealth, career and business growth you desire.

Welcome to the Heroes Collective

Enrollment is open!
Start Date: January 25th
Limited to 15 participants
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Unlock The 4 Zones In The Heroes Collective

Mindset & Heartset
Bring out the best in you, physically, mentally and emotionally
with Heart/Mind Coherence.
Maximize Creativity
Align with your natural genius, so you are creating from your most authentic self.
Flow & Peak Performance
Learn to create at your zenith on demand and gain access to
more happiness
& aliveness.
Leadership & Influence
Bring your greatest work into the world while helping others do the same
Our company has leaders scattered across the United States and I was looking for a powerful place to bring them together to grow and learn. The structure, guidance, and accountability inside this course are a perfect place for leaders to evolve to their next level. Highly recommend."
Jeffrey Denmon Photo
Jeffrey Denmon
I used to be very fearful of giving a speech to my team or leading a meeting and now I walk into those situations with confidence. I am confident because I have put in the time with Kevin and his coaches, and now I have the tools and knowledge necessary to make a massive impact. "
Lachelle Seleski Photo
Lachelle Seleski
Director of Sales
The impact that Kevin and his team have had on our leadership team has been a gamechanger for us. Prior to working with Kevin, we were frustrated because we were all rowing in different directions. This coaching and training taught us how to become a team and to truly become leaders of leaders, instead of just managers. "
Josh Connally Photo
Josh Connally

What's Included In This 12-Week Mastermind

Powerful leadership as either a business owner or executive is one of the most impactful ways you can change the world. However, sometimes we can be a in danger of becoming a victim of our own success.
  • Weekly group coaching calls to build and engage with a community of successful leaders and continually align with your purpose and genius.
  • Weekly group Q&A calls so you can ensure you're on track with your goals.
  • 1-hour 1:1 strategy session to get crystal clear clarity on what you want, why you want it and what's standing in your way.
  • 3 x 1-hour 1:1 executive coaching sessions (1 per month) to leverage your unique genius and achieve your career or business goals
  • Voxer access so you can access on-demand answers and support.
  • Networking with successful and influential leaders to build community and enhance your network and career.
  • Workbook to reflect on the lessons and continue your progress.
Investment: USD $15,000

Upgrade To The Elevate Package And Unlock Additional Support

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call with Kevin Kepple to maximize your ascent to your version of amazing.
  • Personalized strengths report delivered in month 2 and used throughout month 3 to understand and leverage your genius.
  • Mindfulness download for each of the 4 zones so you can embody the lessons on-demand.
Investment: USD $35,000

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