Mastering the Art of Influence


 This is a free training for all direct sales professionals looking to increase their impact, reach, and growth as leaders. 

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Your Coach Kevin Kepple

Kevin has helped hundreds of business owners & executives at companies like Bobcat, Chik-fil-A, Mary Kay and more overcome achievement apathy, ignite their brilliance and unlock their genius which means they increase their impact, decrease doubt, and love their lives. 

The Art & Science of Influence

¬†¬†Leadership is influence. ‚Äď John Maxwell

The goal of all leaders is to capture the attention of other people in a highly distracted world. 

This free training will teach you the Quantum Influence Model: 

- The 3 S's of influence 

        - How to quickly build trust & inspire people to act on your ideas

- Level-10 Communication 

- Aware Leadership Principles


     How powerful would it feel to be able to shift the beliefs, choices, attitudes, or ideas of anyone at anytime?

Register for this complimentary session today!

You're one step closer to redefining your Influence Abiltiy.