In-Person Strengths

One of the best things about being a painter is getting to know other artists on a deeper level. So let me share a little about myself.

Live Strengths Worhsop

Similar to our virtual

This training empowers individuals, teams, and leaders to leverage their natural talents. (talents = their top strengths from CliftonStrengths / StrengthsFinder)

This understanding creates the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in any given activity.

In other words, you, your leaders, and all other team members are more likely to succeed.

This is always the result when talents (what you are naturally good at) are used intentionally and productively.

The framework and ideas in this training fosters a thriving culture where everyone feels valued and driven to succeed.

How long 

are the workshops?

Typically this is a half-day(4hr) workshop. Of course we are flexible and can adjust this to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to deliver the most impactful training and workshop experience. We do that through live education, group exercises, and pre & post training alignment & coaching. 

If we need additional time to ensure the result far surpasses all expectations we are happy to offer that.

What does the workshop look like?

The great news is you will not be power pointed to death. 

All workshops include:

  • Pre-workshop training sent to participants so we hit the ground running
  • Live training featuring practical exercises 
  • Small group breakouts
  • Strength's specific materials
  • Continued alignment lessons  delivered to participant's inbox after the training
  • Additional coaching via 1:1 & small group


Are CliftonStrengths Assessments included?

They're not included in the prices below, yet if you want us to handle that part, we're happy to.

You can also buy your codes online here for all 34 & here if you just want the top 5.

(Self-managing your code distribution, can save you $$)

What's the ROI?

  • 44% increase in sales revenue 
  • 6x more engagement
  • 3x better quality of life
  • 12.5% greater productivity
  • 14% decrease in turnover

Want more info?


You can email us directly 

[email protected]


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