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One of the best things about being a painter is getting to know other artists on a deeper level. So let me share a little about myself.

Unlock Exceptional Leadership with CliftonStrengths™


Leveraging this tool is how you elevate your leadership & transform your team

Maximizing your leadership is the path to exponentially increasing the impact and performance of any team.

What sets great leaders apart? It’s their ability to understand and harness their unique strengths—and those of their teams. That’s where CliftonStrengths™ (formerly StrengthsFinder™) comes in.

Exceptional Leadership is about growth & giving. The most powerful leaders do three things:

  1. Invest in strengths
    Studies show focusing on and developing an individual’s strengths boosts engagement from 9% to an incredible 73%.
  2. Surround themselves with and invest in a great team                                                                  Leaders may not have all the skills needed, but their teams do.
  3. Understand their Individuals’ needs
    Team members often have specific and unique needs.

This training will benefit anyone wanting to maximize their impact as an individual, as part of a team, and as a leader.

More specifically our most frequent clients are sales professionals, leadership teams, corporate teams, universities, or talent development programs.

The Proven ROI of Focusing on Strengths


Investing in strengths yields substantial gains for both employees and your organization.

  • 44% increase in sales revenue 
  • 6x more engagement
  • 3x better quality of life
  • 12.5% greater productivity
  • 14% decrease in turnover



What makes this tool indispensable:

  • Self-Awareness: Maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses while deeply understanding your impact on others.
  • Team Building: A deep understanding of your unique gifts and those of your team creates a collaborative culture.
  • Enhanced Communication: Learn to speak in ways that deeply resonates.
  • Better Decision-Making: Leverage the collective genius and approach challenges with strategic insights.
  • Employee Engagement: Boost morale and productivity by recognizing and developing individual talents.
  • Create Lasting Change: Foster a growth-oriented environment focused on strengths.
  • Conflict Resolution: Address issues with empathy and insight.
  • Retention and Satisfaction: Keep your top talent happy and engaged.

In person & Virtual

CliftonStrengths™ Workshops

This training empowers individuals, teams, and leaders to leverage their natural talents. (talents = their top strengths from CliftonStrengths / StrengthsFinder)

This understanding creates the ability to provide consistent, near-perfect performance in any given activity.

In other words, you, your leaders, and all other team members are more likely to succeed.

This is always the result when talents (what you are naturally good at) are used intentionally and productively.

The framework and ideas in this training fosters a thriving culture where everyone feels valued and driven to succeed.

Click here for in-person workshop details & here for virtual workshop details.

Are CliftonStrengths Assessments included?

They can be, if you want us to handle that part, we're happy to.

You can also buy your codes online here for all 34 & here if you just want the top 5.


Kevin Kepple


President of Kepple Coaching, is a certified Gallup strengths coach, emotional intelligence coach, and leadership coach with a passion for empowering individuals and teams to excel. Specializing in sales and leadership training, Kevin has dedicated hundreds of hours to coaching and mentoring executives, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals.

With a track record of transforming leaders at top companies like Bobcat, Benchmark Income Group, Amazon, and Mary Kay, Kevin's expertise lies in helping clients discover and leverage their unique strengths to overcome their greatest challenges.

Guided by the philosophy, "If you want to be above average, you must treat yourself above average," Kevin believes that winning at life and business isn’t about doing more; it’s about being more. Through his powerful framework, Kevin and his team fosters a thriving culture where everyone feels valued and driven to succeed.