Choosing Happiness: 3 Steps to Freedom

choice happiness happy kevin kepple powerful resilience steps Feb 02, 2024

Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.

Happiness never comes to a automatically.

Problems and issues come to us automatically.

We have to choose happiness.

Anger comes to us automatically.

We have to choose to be at peace.

Hatred comes to us automatically.

We have to choose to love.

Negativity comes to us automatically.

We have to choose positivity.

God has given us the potential in our soul to choose. The thing is, nothing outside of you can make you happy or unhappy it is the thinking in your head and the stories you allow your thoughts to build that make you feel a happy or unhappy.

If you truly want to be happier the path to this is self reflection. Reflecting on your internal world through the power of questions is your key to freedom and happiness.




Am I happy?

AM I content?

What does success look like for me?

When was the last time I slowed down enough?

Am I my faking my life?

Are my relationships deep?

Am I invited to be my whole self when I show up in situations?

How do I feel about my body?

How do I feel about my confidence?

Where does my confidence come from?

The simple secret to powerful reflection is being courageous enough to be honest with yourself. Simple–not easy.


Happiness Formula

The happiness formula once fulfilled is powerful way you can ensure long term happiness.

The formula is a simple 3 things.

You need something to do.

You need something to look forward to.

You need something to love.

That's it.

When these three things are in place you set the stage for long term happiness.

To go a step further, one of the natural by-products of happiness is resilience.

Happy individuals often display greater resilience in the face of adversity. They are better equipped to cope with life's challenges and setbacks, bouncing back more effectively from difficulties.

There you have it. Do the work. Feel better. Serve at a higher level.

Be happy.

Be powerful.

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