Embrace Hard Things: Unlocking Your Infinite Potential

Mar 13, 2024

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.

- Robin Sharma

Our path towards better always begins with some form of hard (this is the resistance). Whether we are working to improve our contributions as individual creators, enhancing our impact as leaders, or any other positive change you want to make in your life. Humans are habitual creatures. You are human. Which means the habits you have are either serving you or sabotaging you.


The Goal:

Get into the habit of doing hard things.

 Why is this important?

 When you form the habit of doing hard things, it becomes easier to do the hard thing than the easy thing. This is because, as habitual creatures, whatever we are in the habit of doing is easier for us to do than not to do.

So, when you make doing hard things normal and a habit, it becomes easy. Things that used to be easy are now harder to do because you're in the habit of doing the hard things.


Here's what it looks like:

1st: It's an Intention

2nd: It’s a Behavior

3rd: Repeated behaviors become a habit

4th: It becomes your Practice

5th: It is now second nature

Then, it simply becomes who you are.


 The fundamental requirement for this to work is for your perspective to be properly positioned.

If you look at your path as limited, what you focus on will expand. This means you can see only roadblocks, pain, and frustration. However, if you choose to see the journey laid out in front of you as pure potential and infinite possibilities you become unlimited. We get what we're looking for because what we focus on expands.

Look for the hard things and continually move through the resistance they bring. Make it a habit. Make it your way of being in this world.


This is how you access your infinite side.

 This is how you create your best work.

 This is how you serve at the highest levels.

 Be more.

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Embrace Hard Things: Unlocking Your Infinite Potential

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