Unleashing the Best Version of You: A Journey to Self-Actualization

being best version of you journey self-actualization unique Jan 23, 2024

Abraham Maslow, placed self-actualization at the pinnacle of his celebrated hierarchy of human needs. This wasn't an arbitrary decision. He recognized that aligning with our unique truth is the key to achieving the greatest impact and experiencing profound happiness.

  In essence, the secret to feeling our best and serving at the highest level lies in self-actualization - the quest to become everything we're capable of being. Although this proposition is simple, its execution is anything but easy.

Now, you might wonder, what exactly is self-actualization?

It's a journey. A journey of discovering and aligning with your most authentic self, of tapping into your unique gifts and strengths, and then using them to create value for others. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, not just for you but for those around you as well.

However, the path to self-actualization is filled with obstacles, most of which are of our own making. Our thoughts often serve as the biggest roadblocks, creating resistance that prevents us from seeing things as they truly are. Remember, not every thought that crosses your mind warrants your belief or dictates your actions.

Where do you start on this journey to self-actualization?

Begin by identifying your unique gifts and strengths. What sets you apart from the crowd? How can you evolve these attributes to serve others better?

However, there's a catch - you can't read the label from inside the box. In other words, it's often challenging to see ourselves objectively because we're too close to our own lives. Therefore, enlisting the help of someone else - a friend, mentor, or coach - can provide fresh insights into our strengths and areas for improvement.
Remember, the relationships we cultivate are often a mirror of our internal world. They can serve as invaluable guides on our journey towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

In becoming the best version of you is not just about personal growth. It's about leveraging your unique gifts to make a difference in the world around you. It's about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and daring to step out of your comfort zone. Winning at life isn't about doing more stuff.

It's about BEing more. BEing more of the things that make you special and unique and using that to create value for others. Self-actualization is BEing more.

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